How to showcase 3Doodler’s 3D printing pen capabilities in a highly competitive retail environment.

The amount of product to be on display, the limited space available and the option to add video as and when needed.

AGA Displays & Fixtures created a suite of display options for 3Doodler ensuring that every possible blank space could be used to show what the pen could be used to make, as well as a handy step-by-step guide on each of the displays.

A Stand-Alone Video Display

This included a mounted 3Doodler pen. The pen is positioned and surrounded by artwork to give the effect of Doodling in 3D, even if the video is off.

A Full Height Display

Created to show the whole product ecosystem. This meant positioning the accessories and the plastic refills in a way that made them physically easy to access, eye catching, and yet well segmented so as not to overwhelm the consumer. AGA Displays & Fixtures also designed an optional shelf that could be easily added to the full height display with no other adaptions needed. This shelf was specifically built to carry the video display unit, if retailers wanted to add that later, or real Doodles made in store as example pieces.

A Small Countertop Display

This was a popular introduction piece for new retailers.

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