Who the devil are we?

It’s ok. We’re not going to bore with a time line of history or mugshots of the Crew. We are just going to tell you quite simply what we do and what we believe in – our philosophy as it were.

To avoid confusion we did think we should mention that in 2018 AGA reverted back to using the name of it’s parent company SAP Products Ltd.

What we do

Retail Merchandising Solutions. That’s us. We work hard to put your brand out there. Using all the tricks of the trade (and of course our expertise) we’ll attract, engage and sell to your consumer. As a company you will find us a dedicated, creative and passionate bunch. Basically we eat, sleep and breathe POP. For a comprehensive guide to Our Services click here.

What we believe in

Direct [di.rekt]
Adverb: With no one or nothing in between
Verb: Control the operations of; manage or govern

That’s us. Direct. Not in a rude, brash way. We feel this sums up how we work. We realize your project from concept to execution, so it’s in our hands from start to finish. We’re not going to farm out your work to someone else. There’s no middleman. You benefit from complete transparency throughout and the harnessing of diverse expertise from the designer who is developing your concept, to the production team bringing your project to life. There’s no passing the buck here.

AGA Displays & Fixtures - Top 50 Company 2016