AGA Displays & Fixtures and Dunkin’ Donuts – Not Your Average Cup of Joe

Dunkin Donuts – “Time to make donuts” – is today’s coffee (power) house, selling 30 cups of coffee, on average, every minute. Now Dunkin’ Donuts seeks to capitalize again; this time on the Single Serve home-brew revolution, enticing customers to brew their coffee the Dunkin’ way with their K-Cup® pods. To do this they invited AGA Displays & Fixtures to discuss various display options.

After consultations, AGA Displays & Fixtures created a series of double and single sided island fixtures to display their Keurig compatible line. The units range in size from 24″ to 48″ with optional side shelf extensions of 12″ or 14.” The shelves featured soft rubber inserts to protect promotional mugs and to add to the stability of their thermal cups on sale. Each unit also featured a gift card holder, which was designed, developed and injection molded in-house by AGA.The single sided displays feature a custom designed “anti-tip” device and both units have a removable magnetic skirt to allow access to the brakes on the casters. Should Dunkin Donut staff need to move a unit, it would be safe to do so.

AGA ships the units knocked down with tools provided; for easy assembly by a single person in approximately 15 minutes.

The units are compatible with most well-known tape belt crowd systems, maximizing on retail floor space.

AGA Displays & Fixtures also designed and manufactured a Baskin-Robbins branded unit, with a built in cake catalog for custom orders. This could be used as a parasite display – a supplemental display mounted to an existing fixture – or as a freestanding unit with an added base attached. It could also be wall-mounted, offering a variety of ways each store could display the Baskin-Robbins unit that best suited their needs.

The K-Cup® Pod island fixtures and Baskin-Robbins units can be found in select Dunkin’ Donuts across the U.S. AGA Displays & Fixtures is based in Redondo Beach, California. AGA runs on Dunkin’.

For further information contact:

AGA Displays & Fixtures Inc.
4773 Torrance Blvd,
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Dunkin Donuts & Baskin Robbins Displays