AGA Displays & Fixtures in high spirits with Five Wives Vodka

Ogden’s Own, the Utah micro-distillery partners with AGA Displays & Fixtures for the second time to promote their award winning Five Wives Vodka in bars throughout the Western States.

The low-voltage LED lit sign is custom shaped and has been designed to reflect the quirky label, which has caused such controversy in the neighboring state of Idaho. (The state’s attempt at banning Five Wives Vodka garnered attention from around the world). The sign itself harbors the message “I love my Five Wives Vodka” and is multi-layered: providing definition and prominence to the logo, the five wives and their kittens peeking out from amongst their 19th century petticoats.

The sign is manufactured using the highest quality LEDs, is 100% solid state and built to UL standard in AGA’s own accredited facility. The sign is rated for 100,000 hours of use, does not require maintenance and has a low power consumption.

AGA has also created LED lit bar signs for Odgen’s Own ‘Underground’ Herbal Spirit and ‘Porter’s Fire’ Cinnamon Whiskey Liqueur. AGA can supply animated lit signage for both domestic and export use.

For further information contact:

AGA Displays & Fixtures Inc.
4773 Torrance Blvd, #413
Torrance, CA, 90503

Five Wives Vodka Illuminated Signage