AGA Displays & Fixtures install In-Q ®: In-Line Merchandising System across 100 stores nationwide

AGA Displays & Fixtures has partnered with America’s largest specialty bicycle retailer to install In-Q ®: In-Line Merchandising System into 100 stores.

Additional merchandising bays were required to complement existing equipment and placed adjacent to the cash register. The bays included a combination of bins, hooks and shelves to merchandise impulse items identified as under-performing but with a high margin opportunity. Over a 30-day period the retailer saw an increase of 40% in sales and 12% in gross margin of the items relocated and displayed in the bays.

In-Queue ®: In-Line Merchandising System is designed to enhance the shopping experience by improving customer flow while maximizing store real estate. Retailers can drive sales to where the customer is a captive audience and increase impulse purchases. In-Q is 100% modular and can be configured with an extensive range of accessories to accommodate all product categories.

AGA Displays & Fixtures is a full service and completely vertical display and fixture manufacturer, with project management, design, and engineering teams on both US Coasts. It has a fully owned 600,000 sq/ft factory in China and domestic facilities to handle short lead times and smaller quantities.

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