AGA Displays & Fixtures launch ‘Multiglide’ – a modular beverages display system

At the recent GlobalShop Show AGA Displays and Fixtures launched Multiglide: a completely modular merchandising system for beverages. Multiglide is expandable in all directions, with a simple snap together assembly. Bases and product retainers can be ordered to exact bottle dimensions and number of facings to be presented. The shelf management system automatically moves product to the front, with the branded product face forward. Multiglide can be used in dry and refrigerated environments and is manufactured from cold resistant materials to withstand constant and lengthy use.

Daniel Graves, AGA’s Chief of Operations, elaborates further: “We developed Mulitglide following customer requests for a simple and cost effective way to merchandise beverages in a cooler. Most of the current solutions catered towards the big players and customers complained that their bottle shape didn’t work with other stock systems. We engineered a system that will handle any bottle shape and height. We used special polymers to make it very slick so product feeds to the front regardless of rack angle, which we all know differs from one retailer to the next.”

AGA Displays & Fixtures is a full service and completely vertical display and fixture manufacturer, with project management and design and engineering teams on both US Coasts. It has a fully owned 600,000 sq/ft factory in China.

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Multiglide Modular Beverage System