Muse Countertop Display

To showcase Muse: a brain sensing headband to consumers and educate them on how the personal meditation assistant works.

Meeting the objectives of the client – Muse, and the specifications of their retailer – Best Buy Canada.

AGA Displays & Fixtures created a display program with options of having 7” or 10” monitor with looping video and replaceable magnetic graphics.
Both the 24” In-Line Display and 12” Countertop Display showed a Muse headband visible through an acrylic case allowing customers to see the actual product. In addition the headband was secured with security loops so it could not be taken.

The LCD monitors played a video demonstrating how the Muse headband worked, while the surrounding graphics advertised the availability of the associated apps and the steps to getting a better brain in 3 minutes in a day by using icons.