What a picture! AGA Displays and Fixtures create a suite of corrugated displays for Pixl Toys kid’s camera

“AGA Displays and Fixtures has created a suite of corrugated displays for Pixl Toys and their crowdfunded product Pixlplay™. Inspired by the classic 35mm camera design, Pixlplay™ turns a smartphone into a fun camera for kids to enjoy.

Having many crowdfunded clients, Pixl Toys benefited from AGA Displays and Fixtures knowledge and expertise in this area. From experience, AGA Displays and Fixtures were able to guide them through this unknown process and provide a full range of displays to cover all possibilities of in-store scenarios – from as simple as a countertop piece adjacent to the cash register, to a multi-functional 2-foot display, built in a Best Buy format.

Pixl Toys initial promotional rollout consisted of a corrugated PDQ: a quick to assemble, no-fuss Countertop Display and a complementary, easy-assemble corrugated FSU with a clever header that resembled actual photographs and the Pixlplay™ camera. Both displays included the universal recycling symbol – its purpose is twofold: the reuse of old smartphones with the Pixlplay™ camera and – being made from recyclable materials – the nature of the displays themselves.

AGA Displays and Fixtures has also created corrugated displays for communications company, Ooma and Evollve Inc, creator of the smart robot Ozobot. They are current rolling out a corrugated quarter pallet display for digital lifestyle company, Ozeri.

For crowdfunding start-ups, AGA Displays and Fixtures offer a P.O.P. 101 Guide and a 3Doodler Case Study, created specifically for this market. To request a copy please contact
or call 562.999.1242 #110.

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Corrugated Countertop Display and Corrugated FSU