AGA’s new best friend is intelligent and well-rounded – meet Sphero

Who is Sphero? Sphero is the app-enabled ball that does it all. A brave explorer, a teachable robot – a relative of the Star Wars BB-8 – and an entirely new way to play. Sphero, the company behind this groundbreaking toy, partnered with AGA Displays and Fixtures to show consumers how to play, learn and explore with this unstoppable companion.

The challenge was to show the full capabilities of the Sphero, explaining how the app-enabled ball could be used in a multitude of environments and applications. In some situations this also included in-store demonstrations of both the Sphero and Ollie – an app-enabled robot capable of unbridled speed and extreme stunts.

AGA created two countertop displays with 7” LCD screens, which played a continual stream of videos with settings managed by remote control. The displays integrated actual products into their design so consumers were able to watch, see and touch both the Sphero and Ollie. In some displays the Sphero was illuminated, making it stand out from competing products.

To bring the product to life in-store, Sphero asked AGA to design and produce a robust free-standing display incorporating a ramp – allowing retailers to race, spin, perform stunts and execute amazing tricks. Sellers were able to demonstrate the toys’ capabilities, capture the imagination of consumers and have the product to hand.

Sphero is not the first innovative company to work with AGA Displays & Fixtures: 3Doodler, Muse, Orange Chef and Ooma have all commissioned AGA to create displays.

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