Two Brothers Racing Launch “Power Tower” Dealer Display Program

Two Brothers Racing (TBR) has launched a new dealer display program for its TBR V-Twin cruiser exhausts. After partnering with AGA Displays and Fixtures, consumers can now look, touch and lift V-Twin exhaust systems off the TBR Power Tower.

“We wanted a way to provide our dealers with everything they need to properly display and sell our exhaust systems” says Mark Jacobs, the Sales Manager of TBR V-Twin and driving force behind starting the program. Standing over five feet tall, with bold graphics and a dramatic color scheme, the display does just that. However don’t be fooled by this imposing and truly awesome display – yes, its heavy duty steel frame does appeal to Harley Davidson lovers, but it’s more than just that. The TBR Tower Power is a sales tool – it allows dealers to showcase different options in one display. It holds up to six different exhaust canisters at once – and product catalogs – and if a product isn’t moving then it will be swapped for something that does. However, the real appeal of this display is for the consumers. It allows them to touch the product; inspect and feel its quality. An exhaust can be easily lifted on and off and the display shows the exhausts as they would “fit” to a bike. It also incorporates rubber coated hanging brackets to ensure the exhausts do not get scratched.

Working alongside Mark Jacobs, was Sergio Oliva from AGA Display and Fixtures. Sergio and his team provided creative direction for the displays. AGA presented concepts with a hi-end industrial appeal that could also meet the weight requirements of the exhausts. The displays were then manufactured by AGA in their own facility in China. AGA has also produced POP displays for Helmet House and motorcycle helmet brand Arai.

For further information contact:

AGA Displays & Fixtures Inc.
4773 Torrance Blvd, #413
Torrance, CA, 90503

Two Bros Power Tower Dealer Display